Molex Connectors

Based on the 1.50mm ISO blade-type terminal system, the MX150™ Connector System consists of matte- and cable-sealed connectors, receptacles and terminals. The MX150 system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase, handle and crimp individual wire seals. The single silicone-based seal in the plug and receptacle has individual wire openings and a seal cap to protect, securely retain and provide strain relief. Integral terminal position assurance (TPA) and optional connector position assurance (CPA) components eliminate time-consuming and costly assembly operations. Many of these products employ ring-seal technology to meet IP6K7 and IP6K9K sealing requirements
These are the connectors "The Factory" has used on almost any model from 2007 to present. Connectors are sold each, terminal pins for female connectors and terminal pins for male connectors are sold seperately. 

 Molex MX-150 serie Male Connectors

 Molex MX-150 serie Female Connectors